Buying a King Bed on Amazon

If you told someone in 2009 that people would being buying their beds on the internet without ever feeling them,  they would think you were crazy. 

They would also think you were crazy if you told them that you could buy a king mattress, king bed frame, and comforter for $583 shipped to your house. 

Not only is it true..... but it’s amazing. 

We made this purchase out of desperation. (Isn’t that the basis of every parents online purchase?)

Can you buy it online? How fast can it get here?
We had just had a newborn, and our 3 year old sleeps in our bed...... No explanation needed. 
I know buying a large purchase online bring anxiety, but I did as much online research as you can… (AKA seeing how many stars it had and seeing how many reviews were left.) Actually, 19,000 people reviewed this bed. At that point I was like either this company is extremely dedicated to having people falsify their reviews or this bed is awesome. 

Well, this bed is awesome. 

I can’t even explain to you how much I love it. 

Being a king alone hold its own weight, but it’s actually comfortable. Justin likes his bed firm and I like my bed soft, yet somehow we both love this bed

See end of blog for links to each item.

It definitely has the memory foam feel. You could push on it in your hand print would be left for about three seconds before it filled back up. 

It came in a box that was extremely heavy, but I totally made my husband drag it up the stairs by himself so it can’t be that heavy..... lol

Will say that would make returning it super hard but good news you probably won’t want to return it. 

I’m kind of into the minimalism bedroom, so I didn’t want a really big headboard or comforter because we have like 52 blankets and 10 mismatch pillows anyway. But I really liked the way the it looked and I was afraid that it was going to be super modern and really low to the ground, but it wasn’t. It’s the regular size of a bed maybe a tad lower but it isn’t the low to the ground modern that it kind of looks like in the picture. 


Also, this comforter is really a duvet insert, but again I’m not big on spending $300 on the comforter that I never use. I really just throw this on if I’m trying to make my bed look nice. I do actually sometimes sleep with it as a blanket, but it’s not extremely thick like a bed comforter might be. 

Little trick I learned online was that you could buy a king comforter for a queen bed and that gives it that oversized fluffy look. Apparently that’s what most online pictures are presenting. Bad news for me there’s no comforter larger than a king so I can’t really do that but it’s fine it was big enough for my King. 

The only other thing I added to the room was a 5 x 7 rug. These types of rugs are starting to get really popular so I was surprised that it was only $40 (I think it’s 60 now). 

So, I had to share with everyone how I love my Zinus bed. We’ve had it for about eight months with no problems. I obviously can’t attest for its longevity, but so far so good! 

Aren't these door sweet??




* these links are Amazon affiliate links. That means I do get a little bit of a kickback if someone buys the product. I want to be real if I didn’t like the product I definitely wouldn’t spend time writing a blog about it. 


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