New Outfits for Cheap

It's fall time for a new wardrobe. It doesn't matter what you wore last year, its 2013 and time for new clothes. Some people say not to reveal your secrets, to just pretend that you spent a lot of money. Well guess what, I don't care if you think I spent money or not. To be honest, I'm probably the one judging you for buying a pants for $89 or shoes for $122. In the words of Macklemore himself, "I call that getting swindled and pimped. I call that getting tricked by a business."

 "If all you are doing is making money, you have a luxurious but empty life." Amanda Donohue

Don't buy clothes for other people. Rock what you have because the prettiest thing you own is confidence. Who cares if you got a sweater from Goodwill? Shit, I was doing that before Macklemore. I'M COOL!
Here's how I bought 12 new outfits for $155:

 This dress is maroon and white, and thats my belt from our Thrift Shop party. A ton of these are from Forever 21. Blah blah, I'm not 21, but if you browse their website right before a season change there are a lot of sales. Also, I bought some of these dresses in a L just because its the only size left, and they worked!

 That jacket is the one from Goodwill below. The dress was from Forever 21.
 BTW these pants were from H&M. I got navy and tan for $8 each.
Here comes Amazon. My FAVORITE place ever! It literally has everything you could want. These sweaters, boots, and coats all shipped from another country and the prices were awesome. If you can wait 3 weeks for shipping, its worth it!
 I love this coat. It comes in TONS of colors and has a hood. Ahh I love it! There are super cute coats with patterns or solid colors. I got a UK 10 US 6.

 I got these boots last year, and I love them soo much. They make you feel ready for anything an Apocalypse can throw your way .
I look totally grungy but I bought at least 4 men sweaters from Goodwill for like $3 each. They are awesome with leggings and lounging around. There are tons of options too.

Oh I also saved money on doing my hair every month. I actually haven't dyed my hair in... uh.. 4 months. Hey, when society embraces homelessness in fashion, roll with it.

 One day my kids will say, "Mom you looked homeless."  I will say, "Damn right, kid."

I will try to post a tutorial on the curling wand.. but right now it won't load.


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