30 Days: Recap January-February

Well January is over, and I successfully ate no meat during the month of January. Ok well, I did eat seafood. I guess that is called a pescitarian not vegetarian. 

It went really well. I really liked it. It forced me to choose new foods, and I saved like $40 on my grocery bill.

Oh and I lost 8lbs. (I will explain that later)

I will list some of my choices for dinners in the last month:

Spaghetti and meatballs (veggie Morning Star) and lite garlic bread (110 calories)
Garlic shrimp linguini
Huevos Rancheros with eggs
Morning star veggie burgers
Vegetable soup and baked potatoes
BBQ and mozzarella pizza
Crab cakes
Parmesan Tilapia
Shrimp boil with corn, onions, potatoes (Justin added sausage)

When I went to restaurants I had the following:
Texas Roadhouse: Veggie plate with salad, baked potato, green beans, and chili (the chili had meat so I didn't eat it)
Buffalo Wild Wings: Nachos without chili
El Rodeo: Huevos Rancheros, Huevos Mexicanos (eggs and jalepeno) and shrimp quesadilla (we love that place)
McDonalds: Fish sandwich
Olive Garden: Soup, salad, breadsticks
Mo's Irish Pub: Grilled Cheese and tomato soup without bacon
3 Wise Men: BBQ pizza

I'm sure there are other places, but I can't remember.

So how did I lose weight? Well 1. I didn't feel like I was dieting. I wasn't craving anything. I still ate what I wanted, I just inadvertently made better choices. Whenever I'm "dieting" I want to eat everything. 2. Lunches I didn't really eat much. I had protein bars or fruit. I wasn't really hungry either so it worked out. I never have time for lunch at work, so there's no point in eating bad calories if you don't have time to taste it. 3. I ate until I was full and I didn't really snack. Like I said, I wasn't hungry.

One of my favorite snacks/lunches was celery with mild wing sauce. So good! It was so spicy that it made you feel like you ate a lot, even when I didn't.

So it worked out well. I have added those meals into my weekly rotation. I am so glad I chose that for January.

Now February hasn't gone as nicely.

I challenged myself to cleaning the house everyday. So I've done BETTER, but it hasn't been everyday. There has been 7 days in February, and I've done about 4 days.

If you know me, that is still a BIG improvement. haha.

I am glad though, again it challenges me to do something I wouldn't normally do. It my strange little head I just tell myself, ehh I don't have to do it forever. It's only a month.

Justin WISHES.

I have carried on my no meat trend this month as well.

I went to Texas Roadhouse again and I still got the veggie plate. I also went to Earth Fare and bought 50 calorie turkey dogs for a meal. I thought they tasted like crap and fed them to Boston. I waited like a little kid to watch Justin spit them out, but to my surprise, he loved them. Whatever.

Wish me luck on the cleaning. I will need it!


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