New Year: 30 Day Challenge

Well, its been awhile. Remember my last years resolution? It was no new clothes for 2012. How do you think that worked out?

1 month?

3 months?


See, me and my sister always dressed cool...and why am I grabbing her crotch?

I actually made it 8 months, technically 10. Thats pretty good right? Could I have made it 12? Sure. You see, in August I got a new job and my work wardrobe had to be for 5 days a week, and not 3. Working from home had a great benefit of dress code: pajamas.

Anyways so month 8, I bought a few things ONLY work related. No fun stuff. Ok, so I got cute stuff that could work for both work and fun.

Then LONG story short, October rolled around and I decided I didn't care and I wanted clothes. So I fell off the wagon 10 months in. Just like a junkie, I've been purging ever since. Amazon is my new best friend. I actually haven't bought THAT much, but it feels nice.

What about that $100 I was saving a month, not shopping? What happened? Life happened. Vet bills, broken household things, you name it. You know, it happens to everyone. So I didn't save any money. BUT if I had to choose no clothes for the rest of my life for 1 more year with my dog, I would have done it in a heartbeat. The challenge taught me a lot of things:

10. Girls spend A LOT of money on clothes.
9. I have A LOT of clothes.
8. There are A LOT of clothes I have but don't wear.
7. Buying clothes make you happy. (The October when I quit, was definately a hard time for me. I was stressed beyond capacity and guess what, clothes helped. Lets get this straight. Clothes and shopping DID NOT fix the problem. I fixed the problem.)
6. Pinterest really can help your fashion life.
5. Clothing staples are key to a wardrobe. My staples (Leather jacket, brown boots, taupe military boots, dark skinny jeans, black leggings, and cardigans.)
4. You will never have enough money to have everything you want. Be creative and be satisfied with what you have.
3. Online shopping is fun, but real shopping is better. I do spend more money in the stores though...
2. Find THOSE people. The people who get bargins, who dress cute, and ask them how they do it. Follow those people on blogs too. (Shout out to Corrie Barnett)
1.  There are more important things in life to spend money on than clothes. My dog is one. Vacations are two. And there are a lot of other things that follow. Sit down and see how much you spend... and see if its worth it.

Ok so what am I going to do this year? 30 Day Challenges.

Every month I am going to challenge my self to something different. Something I want to TRY. I don't have to do it forever.. just for 30 days. You can check out this guy's blog here. He does lots of 30 Day Challenges.

Some include:
Walking everyday.
Writing a letter everyday.
No TV for 30 days.
No facebook for 30 days.
30 days of pictures.
No news for 30 days
Random act of kindness for 30 days

You get the point. Maybe people say you spend too much time on your phone. Give it up for 30 days. Maybe you are constantly seeing the bad in the world and feel jaded. Give up the news. Want to work out but can't face 90+ days at once. Try walking for 30 days.

One thing that I suck at is cleaning. This will come as no shock to anyone who knows me. I'm messy. Now, I accept that. I also understand that for Justin's sake I need to try harder. So some month I am going to clean a different part of the house everyday for 30 days. My first challenge will be food related..

January: No meat for 30 days. Vegetarian for 30 days.


Coming from a girl that can barely survive not eating meat on Fridays during lent, this may prove difficult. The reason I'm choosing this isn't because of animals or causes. I'm doing it because I want to branch out in my diet. I've done much better in the last year of making different foods..but its all the same. I'm excited to start the 30 days of Vegetarianism. I've discovered I'm not a huge fan of read meat.. I feel like ground turkey can substitute fine. I really like shrimp and eggs so I'm excited to look for new recipes in 2013. You can check out some of my meals on pinterest here.

I will keep you updated at the end of the month and post some of my meals. Want to join me? Have another idea of what I can do on the following months? Let me know and if you are starting one of your own... good luck!


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