60 Day Diet

Losing weight isn't easy. You know that whole "the older you get, the harder it is to lose weight" thing? It's true. What the hell? I'm 25. Anyways... hopefully you can learn some meals/ways to make weight loss not so horrible.

Last year, I got married. I was my lowest weight ever. (Before high school) I credit that to Zumba and determination. Well I lacked both quickly after the wedding. I ate whatever I wanted for about...10 months. Granted, I am lucky to not have gained more. Well, I am one of those people that needs a goal, a motivtion.

In April we decided to go to Florida with Alli and Jordan. Ok, so have you seen Alli? And Jordan? Me and Justin were like, shit. We gotta get in gear. Again, we would have been fine, life would not have ended, and we wouldn't cry our selves to sleep about how we looked.

But we had motivation. Find yours. That is the first step.

Now I hate working out and I love food. Not off to a good start.

Here is how I did it, in 60 days. I lost 14 lbs. You may lose more or less, but if you hate working out and like eating, join me, in this description on how I lost the weight.

Caution: This is not something that probably works as a lifetime change. It works for weight loss in a short period of time.

One thing you need is: My Fitness App on your phone. You put in your weight, and tell them how much you need to lose a week. It calculates the amount of calories you need to lose (set amount) a week. It also tracks your calories for the day and looks up foods and their calories. It keeps you on track.

I said I wanted to lose 1.5 a week. It told me I needed to eat 1200 calories a day. WTF?! No wonder I wasn't losing weight like I had thought. You know what that taught me? Eating out had to stop. Check your resturaunts calories before you go out. Almost every meal (salads too) are 1000 calories or more.

So now I had to balance. All I did to lose weight is: 1. Find motivation. 2. Cut calories  3. Workout

Easier said than done.

I went grocery shopping with a list of food needed. Eggs, Turkey burgers, 25 calorie cheese, 80 calorie Healthy Life buns, 35 Calories Sara Lee Bread, and  Green Giant Steamers were on our list every week.

Breakfast: hard boiled egg =70 or coffee with non-fat creamer =30 or Honey-nut Cheerios =140

(I found that coffee, made me lose weight faster the weeks I drank that)

peanut butter or strawberry slimfast meal bars =190  
Egg sandwhich: egg =70 cheese=25 english muffin =90 =185
Cereal= 180
Salad with lowfat Caesar/Italian with Parmesan = 100 with apple =70  =170

I would also bring a diet drink: Mt. Dew Supernova is awesome and so is Dr.Pepper 10. Both don't taste like diet which is awesome.

(I initially started with the slimfast for 2 weeks, just for lunch. The meal bars are much better than the shakes. Anyways, what I realized was, I didn't need the meal bars, if I stayed with in the same calories allotment. 190 calories)

*If you notice, lean cuisines and smartones didn't make because of their calories. Those pared with fruit or vegetables aren't bad choices either.


Dinner is my favorite part! That is why I saved so many calories for dinner. You can obviously balance way better than me, but I wanted my calories for dinner.

Here are some entrees that are good with low calories:

Chicken breasts in crockpot with lowfat italian/caesar dressing 150 calories
Chicken/ Turkey Burgers: Healthy Life Buns= 80 calories  Lowfat American cheese = 25 calories and Morning Star Burgers for 150 calories.  We added ketchup, pickles, tomatoes, etc.
Shrimp skewers: onions, tomatoes, green peppers, pineapple 250 calories
Ground Turkey Tacos: Ground turkey= 200 calories  taco seasoning: 10   salsa: 30 calories and shredded cheese: 90  Low fat corn tortillas: 90 calories
Spaghetti:  Whole wheat spaghetti 174 calories with tomato sauce and onions 92 calories

Those were our favorites. We swapped out sides so we didn't get bored. To be honest, it really doesn't matter. As long as your portion and count calories, you will lose weight.

Beer: Miller Light 100 calories
Green Giant Steamers: (per serving, 2 servings a bag) 110 calories:  broccoli and cheese, broccoli cheese and rice, broccoli cheese macaroni, and potatoes and steamed green beans.
Potatoes: Cut up potatoes with seasoning and onions 110 calories (1 potato a serving)
Grapes: 35 calories a serving
Apples: 70 calories
Side salad with 35 calorie dressing: 90 calories
Baked Doritios: 120 calories ( measure out serving sizes)
Rice crispy treat: 90 calories
Bread and butter: 80 calories

When it came to working out, I will preach Zumba until I die. Only, I don't always practice what I preach. This time around, I did workout videos on comcast on demand. Kickboxing, total workout, etc. That was intense, so I stopped. I changed to walking the dog for 1-3 miles. I found that running and walking on the treadmill increased my weight loss. It was much less effort than the videos as well.

I want to point out my weekend weren't even big cheat weekends. I ate more, but I couldn't go crazy to stay on this pace. There were several weekends that destroyed my whole weight loss that week. There were a few weeks when I felt discouraged and wanted to eat McDonalds. (I did once). Its ok. Its your life. Live it.

My point is, this is for a quick fix, I can't keep up with this pace forever. BUT that being said, I found things I enjoy that I WANT to continue. I like walking. I like the treadmill. I DON'T like running. I like turkey burgers better than beef. Steamers are really freaking good. Beer isn't that bad for you. Candy is.

I've lost the weight and now I am going to Florida Friday. I am happy. I see a difference. I also am going to eat whatever I freaking want in Florida. That is truth. I am kind of over fried food and red meat. That is a plus. I know things that have senseless calories. I now think my choices will be better, but I'll still eat fast food and go to restaurants. Like I said, this isn't a life style change diet.

Long story short: count calories, find foods you like that are healthy, find active things that are fun. Don't hate yourself. Don't make unrealistic goals. No, I do not have the will or desire to look like a fitness model. If that is a goal of mine, I wouldn't reach it. Then I "fail". Don't set yourself up for failure. To be honest, I was fine the way I was before I tried. Everyone should be ok with who they are. Weight is a number and it doesn't define anyone. Do what makes you happy. Know yourself and what you want.

Here are some fun tips I learned from wonderful people in this process.

Ashley: Don't drink starbucks or iced coffee. The calories are redic. Make better choices and be happy.

Alissa: My fitness app. You don't have to eat healthy, just monitor what you intake.

Amber: If you crave something, just eat half of it. It satisfies the craving and you've cut half the calories.

Justin: No matter how much harder you work than me, I will still lose more weight, because I'm a guy.

I also learned having a partner in weight loss is much easier than going alone.

Good luck. Hope this helped. Seriously, I'm a lazy person. If I can do it, you can too.


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