Making a Dining Room Table

I've come to the conclusion that my "breaks" are really just my way of doing something for the house. I always find these ideas in my head and think they will work out so easy... WRONG. Ok so I decided to redo our dining room. (I think this was our last room to redo. Yay!) As you may have seen from my last blog, I have just added the TV cabinet bar to the dining room. My next project was a dining room table. So here is what happened:

This is the dining room table. (It as in the kitchen at this point)  It separates to much bigger when you insert the leaves.

I wanted a table that could seat 8-10. So I wanted to use my current table as a base.  I wasn't about to build one from scratch. I took my measurements, and I went to Lowe's. I was planning on using multiple boards as the table top, but after discussing my little knowledge for carpentry with the Lowe's guy, he suggested an easier route. He suggested a large plywood sheet, with 2x8 boards as a border. I also then realized I couldn't fit that thing in Justin's SUV, so he delivered it to my house. FO FREE! He had a friend in the area drop it off. Nice guy. I only live like 5 mins from Lowe's, but still nice. So here is the product. My grandpa and mom helped me screw the L brackets together to make this happen. I was clueless. (At one point my mom and me tried to use the drill in reverse... so my 86 year old grandpa helped us. Sad. But he did build a house on his own, so I'm pretty sure he can still use a drill.)

Then I had to stain it. That was really easy. Then 3 coats of polyurethane....and poof!  It actually took awhile, but thank God its done.

 At this point I've spent about $110 on materials. Not that bad.  The main board was $50. Brackets, boards, stain, polyurethane, and washers were $60 more.

I then had to fix my chairs that were white. Those just wouldn't work anymore. So I spent $20 on spray paint. (4bottles) and spray painted my chairs chocolate brown. I had 5 chairs.

Chairs before:

Ok then lastly I had to make a bench for the other side of the table. Let me tell you.. this bench was.a.bitch. Jeez how hard is it to make a bench?!??! Ok well let me give you a little secret.. a bench needs 15 inch legs. I bought a 6 foot board with a 1 foot width. All I had to do is buy legs to screw in. I went to Home Depot, Lowes, and Menards. I was looking for 20 inch legs. I found them at Menards, screwed them in only to find out those were too tall. Then I went back and Justin INSISTED that I had bought 27 inch legs, so we bought 21 inch legs. WRONG. (like I said). So I went back to Lowe's AGAIN and bought 15 inch legs. 4 of them. I screwed them in and they were perfect....almost. Well 4 legs weren't enough. I felt like whoever sat on that thing was going to break through the middle, so I went BACK to Lowe's and bought 2 more. (That's 3 times in one day and 6 times in 1 week.) I stained it and here ya go....

The Final Product

Ok so it was worth it. After the bench, (6 legs at $4 each = $16 + $8 board + 6 screw plates $2 =$12) The bench was $36..damn I should have just bought one! Anyways, all together this whole thaaang was $146. Not can't get a nice dining room set for that! I am very happy with it! 

If you are wondering, that top wood board is sitting on top of my old table. Literally sitting on top. Widths are within inches, so it doesn't move. I know this blog pretty much sucked at explaining how to do it step by step, but if you need more info message me. Again, thank you pinterest.


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