30+ Freezer Meals in 2 hours

Me + Cooking = Lame

So usually I am the cook of the house. This is only because I get home before Justin. If you know me you know that during college I ate spagettios, pizza, and fast food. Not because I hated cooking, I just didn't really know how. I still hate cooking after work, so I saw a blog on pinterest where this woman froze her meals all at once.

I thought hey what the hell, we are out of food, and its Sunday. I've been trying to grocery shop at different places to find the best deals: Meijer, Marsh, Costco, Walmart. Everyone has their favorite. I've tried them all. Costco is awesome and has great bulk deals, but I always feel like I buy too much and throw some away. Marsh...is too expensive. Blah Blah coupons, that takes too much time. Meijer just disappointed me. It was out of the stuff I wanted (2 months in a row) I shop monthly. AND I really didn't save any. I bought 3 weeks of groceries for $240. Blek!

Walmart. Ohhh Walmart. I started there and I hated how many people were shopping at the same time as me. BUTTTT they out of everyone has the best prices hands down. I can deny my receipt EVERY TIME. I just went grocery shopping for these meals and spent $220.  ($30 was dog food) So I spent $190 on 31 meals. I even bought lunches, milk, bread, etc. Can't beat it.

*** Oh and Walmart has Diet Supernova Mt. Dew! Have you had that? It's awesome and I can never find it! Also they had Dr.Pepper 10, which Meijer hasn't had for the last 2 months.

We seriously don't go shopping until we are completely out of food... because we are lazy. Well Justin can't go shopping with me because he buys everything, so I guess I'm lazy. Check out our fridge and freezer before:

Ok, so here is what the lady did from her blog, and I did mostly the same.

She started her twice baked potatoes in the oven at 350 for an hour. Then she started her boiled chicken to shred later. While that is all going on she cooked her ground meat for tacos with salsa, seasoning, and onions. I did that as well. Then while all of that was cooking, I separated my chicken legs and breasts into ziplock bags via meal. I combined my marinades into those bags so that they could marinate as they thaw.  I then cut up my vegetables. I use a lot of onions and green peppers. I combined my shrimp and sausage with different vegetables for other meals.

After that was all done, I packed up the shredded chicken (MAKE SURE ITS COOL or it will be jello), the taco meat, and the twice baked potatoes. Lastly I made this as our multiple dinner sides:

It also is from pinterest: potatoes, onions, cucumbers, carrots, olive oil, and Parmesan.

Thats all!! It took about 2 hours, maybe a little more. I have 30+ dinners ready to thaw and either throw on the grill or warm up. Thank God! Not even including the lunch food I bought, at $190 with 32 meals, I spent $6 a meal. Not too bad. Again, I have lots of sides, drinks, and lunches (Smart Ones).

Do it. Right now. It is sooo worth it. It keeps you healthy too. There is no point running for fast food, if you have healthy food already made.

Here are the dinners I made: (or have)

Vegetables: 3 onions, 10lb bag of potatoes, 3 green onions, celery, and whole carrots.

4 meals of twice baked potatoes
2 meals shrimp stir-fry
1 meal mesquite chicken breasts
1 meal  chipotle chicken breasts
1 meal mesquite chicken legs legs
1 meal Stubs chicken legs
1 meal Carribean Jerk chicken legs
3 meals Turkey burgers
1 meals turkey for lasagna
2 meals of taco meat
1 meal shrimp kabobs
1 meal sausage ziti
1 meal sausage side
2 meals of regular shrimp
2 meals with shredded chicken
2 thin crust pizzas
1 meal of beef stew
2 meals of spaghetti and meatballs
2 meals crab cakes

Here is the blog I was inspired from:


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