No Clothes 2012

My New Year's Resolution is:

No Clothes 2012

I'm going naked for the whole year! Just kidding. I am not buying ANY new clothes in 2012. As many of people have said, "No way."  Yes, way.

My whole life I've had a small closet/bedroom. My bedroom growing up was small. EVERY house I had in college I got the small room and small closet. When we bought our house... I died and went to heaven! Our bedroom is HUGE and our closet it a dream. So I finally was able to "organize" my clothes in a space where I could see them. I have way too many clothes. Now, I don't shop as much as a lot of women do, but still. I have enough.

 Sorry its messy, Actually no I'm not. Anyways, this is minus all of my T-shirts and sweat pants that are in the bedroom and also minus two baskets of laundry. Those baskets on the ground are full of shirts and jeans. So, I've got options in 2012.

With pinterest up and roaring, there are so many ideas on how to reuse the clothes you have in different ways. That's what I am going to do. No new clothes. I can only wear what I already have.  AHHH!

(I do have some clauses:  If I have to wear a dress for someone's wedding I'm in, then yes I will buy it. I also HAVE to buy sandals for  the summer. Last year Boston ate EVERY pair. I couldn't buy those now, so I will have to buy some. Let's be honest I don't buy sandals that are over $10.)  I'll put a limit on $25 on summer footwear...yikes.

I'm excited. Its a challenge. I can do it.  So, in reward to me.... I am automatically taking $100 out of my account a month and putting it into a special fund. I figured I might spend that every month on some sort of clothing/shoes/accessories.  Then at the end of 2012, I will have saved $1200! OMG thats ridiculous!

I'm thinking on using it for a December cruise, or maybe a road trip out west, cabin out west? Not sure...but it will be worth it. Because no one cares as much about what you look like, as you do.

I think I'm going to try to take pictures everyday then update monthly on my clothes selection. Wish me luck, because 1 year from now, I'll be $1200 richer! or it will be gone and I'll be somewhere really cool :)

Also, now I know how to get rid of stuff I don't want. I mean if I don't wear it after this year, I "ain't" never wearing it.

You want to do it with me?


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