Holiday Gifts and Decor

Well I had some free time on my hands over Thanksgiving Break, so I decided to make some pinterest crafts. All of these were things I had around the house, I probably spent $5.00 on all of these combined.  I fondly present:

These were all over pinterest, but I used wine glasses and garland instead. These are great for these open window areas in our house.

This vase was filled with fall decor, but this was an easy fix for all of those left over ornaments.

Oops I lied about the price. But hey, I didn't but it! Just bought these stocking holders for $20.00 at Target. The letters were $1.00 each. I think they are stupid, but its Justin's OCD way of making them match. I had a beautiful one for Boston with a B, but I neglected Tito's stocking. Justin wouldn't let me put mine up...

I made another wreath out of the leftover ornaments.

Easy way to add a little Christmas in. By the way, I bought these all at Kirklands. The mirror was $20, the clock $14, the big frame $11, the white frame $10 and the smaller frames $7. Check that place out!!

I made this out of a serving bowl and an old candle. Then I added beads and silver and red ornaments. You could really add anything to it.

Cookie gift box! I wrapped a pringles can in wrapping paper from Target. $1 You can add ribbon or a bow.

Gift boxes or decorations. I actually made these as part of a card box for my wedding, but I messed up the topper and I gave up. So I use these to store crafts and hooka material. Its just hat boxes wrapped in fabric and ribbon. Hat boxes can be bought at Hobby Lobby for $7-$15.

I painted a wine bottle white and spray painted some branches. I used the spray paint from my frame makeover.

This was inspired by a few Christmas photos. They used the traditional lights, but I was too lazy to go but any, but I still liked the effect. I had to do this one fast before Justin realized how cheesy it was. :)

Overall, easy cheap redos all inspired by pinterest! The addiction is REAL. Hope this helps you look around your house for inspiration. I finally have the house I've always wanted, and I'll be damned if its not decorated for it's first Christmas!!!

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