Antiquing Outdated Furniture

Again, another love I found on pinterest. My guest bedroom was looking pretty boring. It was a random collection of stuff that wasn't good enough to make it to our bedroom. Well, I've had some time on my hands with Christmas Break, so I'll show you what I've been up to.

Let me mention, I've been pretty broke recently, so this update to the guest bedroom literally cost $8.

Want to antique your outdated laminate wood? I can help!

Here's what the guest bedroom looked like before:

BLEK!  As you can see in the first picture, I added a mattress pad and fitted sheet over the headboard to cover the nasty brown 70's wood. (I'm sure it was cool at one time.)

As I said, I only spent $8. So I grabbed an old mini paint roller, white paint, white spray paint, and blue paint left over from our bathroom. I literally took an old canvas I didn't like to roll the paint on. I didn't buy any new paint supplies!

I primed the headboard and dresser with the white paint. As you can see, I literally just rolled it with a paint roller. I coated it about two times for the headboard, with spray paint for the corners the roller couldn't reach. I then painted the dresser blue over the white primer.

Ok so that is where I stopped with the painting. It wasn't perfect. It doesn't have to be.  Now here is where $1 went in. I bought wire kitchen scrubbers, pack of 3 for $1. I used those to "rough up" the corners and edged of the headboard and dresser. ** Follow the natural groves of the wood, if there are too many layers of paint, keep scrubbing.

Again, so EASY! Focus your sanding on edges and normal wear and tear places. I ran the wire scrubber across the whole thing lightly. It gave it a worn look as well.


Wood Frame: $1.99,  Picture Frame (Spray painted) $2.99

Pillow covers (Blue) $3.00

I added that mirror I bought at Goodwill a few months ago. Perfect spot.

That's all. It's really that easy. Just be sure you have paint and a sander (wire scrubber, sandpaper, etc) I kind want to put the drawers in my room now. Here's the finished room. $8 + free time= better guest bedroom!

Happy scrubbing!


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