Slow Shutter Pictures

I have become obsessed with pictures lately. Pinterest has a lot of great pictures, but I never could figure out how people got the slow motion effect from their cameras.

Well I called my sister, who knows the answer to any question on earth. So here is how you do it:
I have a Cannon Rebel, but still most cameras will be similar.

  1. Change your settings to MS or Manual.
  2. Change your ISO to something around 200-400 (ISO is the small button, that says ISO)
  3. Change your FStop. This is located on your spinning wheel toward the front. You will see the numbers change. If you want a long exposure go to 15-20 seconds which will look like  20''.   Slower shutter would be 3''. Either way, it just depend on how much movement and time you want spent on the shot.
  4. Turn off the lights. Depending on what you want to show up, you'll have to remove the primary light source. So go to a dark room.
  5. Get some sort of candle, sparkler, glow stick etc.
  6. Have your subjects pose for the first shutter. Then move the glow sticks (or whatever) around in the design you want. NOTE: Your camera should be on a tripod for best results. You can also hold it really still, but movement will make it blur.
  7. The second shutter will stop at however many seconds you set it for.
Side note: However your faces/posture/ etc is set first the first initial shot will show up in the picture. The colors can be moved randomly without the subjects body blurring.

Here are some random pictures I took with the slow shutter:

Long story short, its easy to do with the right camera and lighting. Next adventure is sparklers so I can redo these photos from Pinterest:  
Credits go to: 


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