Goodwill Hunting

I am always that type of person that is a sucker for deals, so goodwill is a great place to get those deals. Now, most furniture your going to get from goodwill is going to need some TLC. I was bored and stopped by Goodwill the other day because we needed some end tables. I figured I'd give it a shot. Well I left spending $60. HOW DOES THAT HAPPEN? Good news is, with some painting, they were all great purchases. FYI the best Goodwills to look at are in ritzy cities. I browse at the Noblesville and Fishers Goodwills and usually find some good stuff.

Here is what I bought:

The mirror was $14.99, the shelves were $11.99, the table was $20.00 (maybe $29 there is still one left at the Noblesville Goodwill), and all of the picture frames were $5.00 together. (Add in the $13.00 for 3 cans of spray paint, I bought later)
The Table

This table was the easiest to fix up. It had great structure and style so I was going to paint it to make it look less outdated. When I got it home after a quick wash, it looked so good I didn't want to paint it. I looked on the inside and it was in perfect condition. So here is a pic of how we used it in our house. (Looks much better than our TV tray we had there.)

Great buy, it fit in with out decor and it looked great with little effort. Success.

The Shelf
The next piece of furniture is the book shelve. Again, it was only $14 and pretty gross.

There was only one option, spray paint.  I bought mine from Sherwin WIlliams: Black, Silver, and White gloss. It drys in 15 minutes and it looks awesome. So I spray painted the wood (no sanding, no prepping other than wipe down). I dusted back over it after the first application.

So easy. It was actually from NY and made in Romania. I found a sticker on the back. It looked great. You could even add fabric to the middle. I decided not to, so here is mine final product at the top of the stairs.

I just grabbed random stuff from my house to put on the shelves. Nice picture frames? Thanks they are from Goodwill. Here are the originals again:

The Frames
The gold crappy frames are EVERYWHERE at Goodwill, I see them every time I go. Look for the ones with the most detail, those will really look good. So here they are, I sprayed them with spray paint and covered the ones with tape that I couldn't remove the glass.

Great vintage frames for $5.00!! I love the white one, it was only 99 cents. A little paint and some nice structure on the frames can really save you money. (The other frame I have to remove the picture from inside, but the frame looked good)

The Mirror
Lastly I had the mirror. It was a great piece and usually you can't get any nice mirror for 14.99!! Here it is. Check out the gold trim on the inside. Gold framing really isn't in, so people trash it to Goodwill. GOOD FOR US, now all we do is paint.

So with some black paint and a paintbrush, I painted the inside black. I thought about repainting the white, but I liked the vintage look.

There it is. I did this all today in like 2 hours. It's not like I'm busy watching the Colts game. :)  Hopefully this helps you start your own projects! I'm sure I will be redoing some more picture frames soon. It's just too easy!


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