Christmas Wreath

Ok so I'm one of those people who try to be crafty but get bored in the middle and leave my projects undone. Good news is that I repinned Ashley's pin of an ornament wreath. Usually for crafts to be in my forefront they need to be 2 things. 1. cheap and 2. easy. This wreath is both.

Here is a link to the original creator: Eddie Ross (He's awesome)

Cute huh? Ok well all you need is:

1. a wire hanger, about 70 ornament balls, glue, pliers, and a bow.

The Cost
Wire hanger-  free    (it's gotta be somewhere in your closet)
Ornaments-   $15-20  (Walmart has a set of 30 for $5.00)
Glue -    $3   (hot glue or regular glue, to ensure the fastenings stay on the bulb)

Time: 20 mins

How to

1. Strech out the wire hanger into a circular shape.

2. With pliers, un twist the metal from the hook, so that your circle is now open.

3. Now the actual hanger part is separated from the twisted metal piece. Flatten out the metal so that you can string the ornaments on the hanger.

4. Start stringing. arrange the bulbs so that they cover up all sides.

5. When your finished with your ornaments. Retwist the hanger back into original position.

6. Put a bow where your actual hanger is, and your done.

My Recreation:

Not that hard right? The hardest part for me was retwisting the metal to get the hanger back together.

Makes a great gift! Ashley Sieb was my first re-pinning gift recipient.

I still have glue and glitter on my hands.


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