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Gifts for Women on Amazon

Here are my favorite's for women! I do buy a lot of clothes online, and sometimes I am disappointed, but these are my favs! PS, when buying from Amazon always read the sizing info or look at reviews. Sometimes I have to buy XXL or something if it ships from China. I think I ordered a L in everything listed. Sometimes sellers update their sizing, so just check. Most of the time they will reship you a new size if it didn't fit.

So if your man needs any hints..... wink wink!

Face Wipes

Ok, these are the only wipes I've found that don't make my skin worse. They are my favorite! They are very cooling too and nice to just wipe off makeup as well.


This is thin, so it's not a winter jacket, but I love it. It's cute so you can still wear it when you walk inside somewhere and you aren't burning up, but you can also wear it over a sweater and not be freezing.

 High Waist Leggings

My favorite leggings EVER. I wear the black ones....way too much for it to be nor…

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